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Levi Hildebrand

Levi is a University of Victoria Graduate where he studied Geography with a focus in environmental sustainability. It was in this time that Mike and Levi met over a shared love for video and the natural environment. Since graduation Levi launched a successful youtube channel that now has over 50,000 subscribers and over 2 million channel views sharing positive environmental stories about the ideas, innovations and individuals that are making the world a better place. 

Levi’s final research project during his degree was exploring how we can use video as a knowledge mobilization tool within academia. One Island Media is the manifestation of that thesis.


Mike Morash

Mike is the technical genius behind One Island Media’s digital portfolio. Mike first picked up a camera when he was 2 years old and promptly fell down because at that time cameras were much larger and Mike was much smaller. Since that day Mike’s been most comfortable behind the camera. His curiosity continued throughout his time at the University of Victoria where his talents were noticed by various staff members at the university. His unique understanding of academic subject matter and skills within videography quickly propelled him into the world of documentary filmmaking.

Mike’s goals for the future include a feature length documentary about the declining Salmon populations on the West Coast of British Columbia.